Forgotten Films


Film historian Michael H. Price can give you the inside scoop on the Godfather and GWTW but his true passion lies with the forgotten films of a bygone era. Join his as he blazes a trail off the beaten path and exposes the forgotten lore of the obscure, unheralded and neglected films of the poverty row studios of old Hollywood.  

Forgotten Films is not your typical movie review show. Price offers perspectives and behind the scene information and actually projects himself into the films and offers up first hand knowledge, social perspectives and experiences no one else can provide.

Derelict films such as Ed Wood’s 1965 Orgy of the Dead, the 1976 gay biker flick The Pink Angels, 1947’s off kilter Nightmare Alley and the 1941 mystery/comedy The Smiling Ghost are but a small sampling of the forgotten films to be brought to light by our fearless film historian. Everyone enjoys discovering fresh entertainment and only Price can turn back the curtain of obscurity and peer into Hollywood’s Forgotten Films.

Forgotten Films is an expedition into the Badlands of Pop Culture...from old Hollywood’s Poverty Row to the comic book sweatshops of post WWII New York City...and beyond...

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